online share trading

Shares remain a popular investment choice thanks to their potential for returns, and their opportunity to invest directly in individual companies.

Online share trading is simply buying and selling shares in listed companies over the internet. It has given the ability to invest in the share market to anyone with a computer or smartphone connected to the internet. Online share trading platforms give you access to charting, research, and other useful tools to help you invest.

If you are interested in trading shares, make sure you have the knowledge about how shares work. Learning the basics of the shares can help you anticipate change and develop investment strategies to mitigate future loss.

Start trading

First, you will need to decide on the kind of assets or shares you want to trade. The next decision toy will need to make is choosing the right broker or brokerage firm through which toy will access the markets. The broker you choose will have a direct influence on the kind of securities you will be able to trade, the kind of trading tools you will have at your disposal, how much money you will pay in fees, and the kind of final returns you can expect on your trades.

Trading or investing?

The main distinguishing factor between investments and trading is that a trader actively seeks out market movements for profit while an investor typically waits to profit from long-term price movements in the assets in their portfolio. A trader will typically make tens or hundreds of trades within a week while an investor is content to buy and hold an asset for months or years.

Developing a trading strategy

No trader can afford to undervalue the importance of a trading strategy – the first step in creating your trading strategy is to have a trading plan. A trading plan helps you make logical decision in periods of rapid market changes, when your emotions might lead you to make risky moves.

Also, make sure your trading strategy contains a mix of fundamental analysis and technical analysis. You should use this information to determine your entry into trades, your exit when the trade goes your way and your escape when the trade goes against your plans. It is your best interest to develop the disciple to incorporate stop/limit loss orders into every trade you place.

Stick to it!

Many new traders are eager to enter the market to start placing trades and start making money. However, entering the market without a well-planned trading strategy often results in massive losses. Without a trading plan, you will mostly be reacting to events in the market instead of acting logically. Most new traders tend to lose some money because of their tendency to making trading mistakes. However, changing your trading strategy after every loss will only set you back on the learning curve because you will never really master one trading strategies fully.


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