7 top investment tips to start applying now

Although it is important to make the best of your finances, it is even more important to avoid losing what you already have. If you follow a few basic investment guidelines you increase your chances of making profit. Follow these 7 golden rules and make wiser decisions!

  1. Start small

Do not invest all your capital at once. A few small loses are better than a big one. If you want to check a new business or investment direction, first put it on a trial: try selling what you interested to invest in, and see how the market reacts and measure the extend of the demand. Only then you can estimate more accurately if the investment worth it, and start investing –gradually!

  1. Invest in necessity

Supply and demand on most products and services are subjects to change. For a smart investment, choose what will always be on high request: people will always want to make money, to survive, to be better than the rest and avoid pain and boredom. Those are basic human needs that are never doing to reach full satiation. Make sure you invest in a business grounded on a basic need – and you will always have steady demand.

  1. Slow down

Your investment starts to show profits? Great! Now take your foot off the pedal a bit. Once you make a profit – you at a greater risk of losing it.  From this point, each decision need to be carefully made to keep what you already earned. Speed can be your enemy – keeping on a high pace can result in a loss.

  1. Take chances

You cannot afford sitting around doing nothing, expecting the safest opportunity to arrive. Life is short and we have a limited amount of time to make money and enjoy it. So, if an opportunity presents itself – jump on it! it is better to have 500$ a month than 1000$ a year.

  1. Be careful who you listen to

The people around you will always have an opinion on everything you do. Most of them will try to teach you what to do with your money, how to invest it etc. If you try to follow up on everybody’s advices, you will end up broke. Pick carefully who you are listening to and take advices only from the successful people who can show you actual results.

  1. know when to stop

If you keep investing and nothing comes out of it – maybe it is time to let go. Consider the lost money as a tuition. There is no point in trying desperately to save a bad investment – you will end up losing more. It is part of the game. Just put it behind you and keep going.

  1. Set high bars

The only way to grow is to look up on the those above you. Aim to reach the top by choosing a big company as a competitor. It will make you be more creative; competition with a big company will add you more value, while give you time: big company will not see a rival in you, what gives you the advantage of the time. You will learn how to be more unique.



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